Marketing Committee:
This committee is responsible for public relations and marketing of the Roseville Eagles in the local community and at the State and Grand Aeries. It is responsible for developing and implementing plans for media contacts to ensure the work of the Eagles is known to the general public. It is responsible for publishing the Aerie Newsletter, and for providing material to the State and Grand Aerie for their newsletters. Finally, it is responsible for the development and maintenance of the Eagle Web Site.
Social; Community; Fund Raising Committee:
This committee is responsible for planning the social activities of the Aerie. This includes seasonal parties, billiard league, etc. It is also responsible for organizing Eagle activities that support local and national charities through fund raising efforts. Finally, it is responsible for planning participation in community activities and events.
Building Committee:
This committee is responsible for overseeing the upgrading through remodeling efforts, ongoing maintenance and cleanliness of the Aerie Building. The Trustees have ultimate responsibility for these functions; however, the committee will assist in the planning, repair, maintenance, and cleaning as necessary and make recommendations to the Trustees when funding is needed to address these needs.
Kitchen Management:
This committee is responsible for organizing help in the kitchen for Eagle events. This includes signing up volunteers to help in the planning, cooking, and cleaning up for each event put on by the Eagles. This committee would also be responsible for oversight of the kitchen equipment and supplies and submit requisition requests to the Secretary for purchase, repair or replacement of equipment and supplies as needed.
Club Room Enhancement Committee:
This committee is responsible for assisting in ensuring that the Club Room is as productive and profitable as possible. They will assist the Club Room manager in developing new ways of attracting business and making the Club Room a destination point for members. They will develop and implement, in concert with the Social Committee, games and activities that attract members to the Club Room. They will provide input to the Club Room manager on products that members might like. The Trustees and Club Room Manager have ultimate responsibility for the management and profitability of the Club Room. However, the Club Room Enhancement Committee can work closely with them to provide new ideas and help implement new activities.