According to the Constitution of the Grand Aerie the Aerie Worthy President shall appoint for such purposes and on such occasions as he or the Aerie shall deem necessary of advisable all committees of the Aerie, together with such otherncommittees as xhal be required by the Laws of the Order or the By-Laws of the Aerie.
The Worthy President is the sole appointing power of all committees.
Also, according to the Constitution each Aerie shall include the committees thereof a:
  • By-Laws committee
  • Visiting committee
  • Membership committee
  • Membership Security committee
  • Trial committee
  • Finance committee
  • Meetings Attendance committee
  • Publicity committee
  • Interviewing committee

Each of these committees are defined in the Grand Aerie Constitution beginning Sections 100.1

In addition to the committees mentioned above each Aerie President can develope ancillary committees that assist with  the overall operations of a successful Aerie. Here are a few of these committees:

  • Building Maintenance committee
  • Property Management committee
  • Social Room committee
  • Social Events committee
  • Social Media Marketing committee

All committees require a positive approach and a sincere interest in the overall success of the Aerie. It is imortant that there will be a sufficient number of volunteers to make light work for all on each committee. Recommendations for success is a clear communication between committees. All committees work in conjunction with each other. Appointing a committee chair is necessary and each committee must give a report at least 1 monthly meeting.